Landlord Rental Housing Registration
Forms are available on our Building/Codes page.

Assessor's Office
Office hours: Wednesday - Friday, 8:30-4:30.

Closed: Monday & Tuesday

Beware of Peddlers!
Solicitors are prohibited from soliciting in the Town of Elmira without a permit. If someone comes to your door, please make sure they have the proper credentials.

The Compost Pit is open for Town residents effective April 1.
You must have a Compost Permit, available at the Town Clerk's Office.

Odd Even Parking Begins Nov. 1 No vehicle shall be or remain parked on streets within Traffic District No. 1 between November 1st and April 1st

See ordinance under Police Links

Website Announcement: As we continue to respond to the directives and challenges of the COVID-19 situation, our focus is on finding the balance between protecting our employees while still providing services to residents where possible. The following adjustments are currently in effect: The Town Clerk's office will be open Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday only, call 734-2031. The Code Enforcement office will be open Thursday and Friday only, call 734-3608. The Court office is closed at this time, call 734-5971. Assessment services have been suspended for the time being, 734-1486. Highway Department is functioning as usual though projects that require assembling the full crew together have been postoned. Police Department remains fully staffed and functional. Urgent services at the Town Hall will be available for residents via appointment only. We encourage you to use the mail for dog license renewals and tax payments or use the drop off box slot located at the front door entrance at 1255 W. Water Street. This schedule will remain in effect through April 5th. At that time, it will be extended, modified or allowed to expire as circumstances dictate. Thank y ou for your patience and cooperation! Neil Milliken, Supervisor Town of Elmira